Delta Sigma Phi is a nonprofit organization that creates friendships, builds leaders and expands campus opportunities. By joining Delta Sig, you become part of a group that helps you achieve success through academic, social, civic, and professional development. We work in partnership with more than 100 campuses across the United States, complementing the collegiate experience by facilitating positive relationships with other students, campus professionals and community leaders. We work to provide you with a strong friend group, your first professional network, unique life experiences, and lifelong educational opportunities.
Today’s college experience provides a number of opportunities for connection and growth. You can join student government, intramural sports teams, honor societies, service organizations, or professional clubs. However, fraternities remain the best organizations for meeting students that are involved with all aspects of campus life. Additionally, fraternities are designed with lifelong affiliation in mind. Meaning, the connections you make in college will last long after graduation, and the network you form will continue to expand as you
collaborate with students and alumni from other colleges and universities. Simply stated, if you are eager to meet people with a wide variety of interests who are all looking to become the best versions of themselves, then we encourage you to learn more about Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity.
If you are interested in learning more about joining Delta Sigma Phi, you can fill out this form, email, or send us a message on Instagram, whichever is easiest for you! After contacting our office, you will be connected with an undergraduate leader on your campus who will be able to answer specific questions and invite you to upcoming meetings and activities. After deciding to join, you will receive access to your membership portal, start your new member education program, and begin participating in the social, service, and leadership opportunities available through Delta Sigma Phi! If you want to learn more before reaching out, here are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Local Recruitment

When looking to join a fraternity in La Crosse, it can be confusing to determine which fraternity is the best fit for you. Compared to other fraternities at La Crosse, Delta Sigma Phi has several characteristics that make it stand out from the other Greek organizations on campus. These characteristics are the following:

1. Delta Sigma Phi is the only fraternity in La Crosse to own an official fraternity house. Our house is located at 1429 Main Street and has been in our possession since 1968. This gives us a solid foundation to house and hang out with brothers, as well as host socials with other fraternities and sororities. Normally, we have anywhere from 10 to 16 brothers living in our fraternity house in a given year.

2. Delta Sigma Phi is the oldest fraternity on campus. Our chapter was colonized in 1965 and became an official chapter at La Crosse in 1967, making us a well-established and respected organization on Campus.

3. Delta Sigma Phi is one of the largest fraternities in La Crosse. Currently, Delta Sigma Phi is the largest fraternity in La Crosse, with 30 active brothers in our chapter. This gives us the availability to do more events are a chapter, as well as creates a large pool of brothers connected under the common principles of culture, harmony, and friendship.

4. Delta Sigma Phi has a strong alumni base. Since Delta Sigma Phi has been a chapter in La Crosse for 53 years, we have a large, active alumni base. Our alumni provide us with several volunteer events, such as providing security for La Crosse’s Rotary Lights. They also graciously donate money to our chapter, to help assist us in tasks, such as renovating our fraternity house

5. Delta Sigma Phi provides scholarship opportunities: Rushing Delta Sigma Phi opens the door to several scholarships geared directly to the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi. Every year, our chapter provides scholarships to incoming freshman, as well as active members of our chapter. Several scholarships are also available to our brothers through Delta Sigma Phi’s national headquarters.

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